Bec Boyle


Bec Boyle is bold, elaborate, and carefree.  Through her designs, she offers humour, power and strength through electric and contemporary communication. Known for her thematic, digitally enhanced textile prints; her designs are often a mixed influence of culture and emotions that are merged into creating collections full of iconography and symbolism.  Always featured in her collections, are hidden emotional meanings, and message from Bec. Her Focus is not on the way trends influence fashion, but how fashion perception affect the way, fashion is perceived.  Using strong, often angled silhouettes and fabrications, its Bec Boyle’s ambition to incite and create strong emotions.

Bec walked through the doors of The Whitehouse Institute in 2013 and was a student to watch from early on.  However, it was during her second year at Whitehouse; she broke away from the crowd with her electric textile designs, and silhouettes that sit off the body.  This was where her aesthetic and signature style truly began to develop.   

Always up for a challenge, Bec entered the 23rd International Hempel Young Designers Competition in 2015, where she was selected to represent Australia at the opening of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Beijing.  Not only did Bec receive an award of Excellence for the collection,  "Shanghai Nights", she garnered positive and plentiful media attention, which was picked up by Getty, Reuters, and Harper’s Bazaar Daily, across a series of Asian Media.

Exciting times continued for Bec, with the Whitehouse Institute of Design selecting garments for their full page advertisements, in Frankie, RUSSH and Harpers Bazaar. 

In2015, Her ‘Submerged collection was celebrated in a photographic shoot, with iconic Japanese Architect, Kaz Shirane's, Light Origami, for Sydney's 2015 Vivid installation.  This collection was featured, across a two-page spread in the edition, of Elegant Magazine, out of the US.

Bec Boyle’s diversity has been recognised with her first prize win, in the 2015 Salvation Army Sustainability Design Competition.  Her up-cycled, vintage, evening gown, gave new life to a set of pre-loved drapes, which epitomise old Hollywood charm.

A finalist to the FSHD, Australian Chocolate Couture awards, Bec’s Avant Garde design took centre stage at a Star City Celebrity Event, for American Independence Day.

In early 2016, the immensely creative, international fashion photographer, Thom Kerr, reshot the “Shanghai Nights Collection” with immense creativity for the launch of Laud Magazine, in the editorial ‘Mei Wei’.

During her time at Whitehouse, Bec Boyle has interned and worked with Vogue Australia, Camilla, Instyle, Rebecca Vallance, Seduce and in other design circles.  

In 2016 Bec graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) from The Whitehouse Institute, and in 2018 graduated with a Master of Design (Fashion) from The Whitehouse Institute, Sydney.  

Mentored by some of Australia’s leading fashion heads, Bec has begun writing her next chapter.

Bec is available for collaborations and freelance work.  Use the form to inquire about rates and availability, or just to say hi.

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